Fixing slow SCCM console performance

Not tested yet, but interesting …

SCCMentor - Paul Winstanley

If your SCCM console has ground to a halt then it’s more than likely that you need to run indexing on the SQL DB to sort your problem out.

The SCCM Site Maintenance Tasks have a built-in task you can enable to do this but you can also download Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution which is a cool SQL script that you can use to perform this and the script also comes with some pretty handy solutions for DB backup and integrity checking.

You can download the solution from here

Once downloaded, open up the .sql file in Notepad and edit the backup location in the line ‘SET @BackupDirectory = N’C:Backup’ — Specify the backup root directory.’ and choose a backup location that you prefer. You won’t need the backup directory for indexing but it’s worth setting as you can then use the cool DB backup scripts at your leisure.


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High LDAP trafic caused by HP UPD (Universal Printing Driver)

“In some large enterprise environments, the LDAP query might generate additional network traffic. To prevent the LDAP query, the driver configuration utility (DCU) can be used to disable printer status notification. Alternatively, an AD policy to disable printer status notification can be set using the active directory template.”

Resolution :

$printer=Get-ChildItem -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers | Get-ItemProperty
foreach ($drvprinter in $printer)
 ($drvprinter."Printer Driver"  -like "HP Universal*") {$myprinter+=$drvprinter.Name}
foreach ($printers in $myprinter)

  $registrypath = "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\" + $printers + "\PrinterDriverData"

  New-ItemProperty -path $registrypath  -name "SSNPNotifyEventSetting" -PropertyType DWord -Value "0"


Fix for App-V Sequencer Generated MSI Packages for Windows 10 1607


Apply MST Dynamically During Deployment


Specify the TRANSFORMS property on your msiexec command line to apply the changes at install time without modifying the MSI, e.g:

msiexec /i <PATH TO MSI> /qn TRANSFORMS=Fix-AppvMsiPackage.mst

If you are deploying MSIs created with Windows 10 v1607 x86 on an x64 client, you will need to layer on the additional fix:

msiexec /i <PATH TO MSI> /qn TRANSFORMS=Fix-AppvMsiPackage.mst;Fix-AppvMsiPackage_1607x86.mst

Fix for App-V Sequencer Generated MSI Packages

In Excel, parse first word of a string base on a seperator character

While doing a report for the board, I wanted to get a table of the top 10 publishers requested for deployment from an dumped excel file.

The naming convention is based on Publisher_Application_Version_Language ….

To be able to get the publisher and then pivot it into a top count table, I would need to fetch the first word out of that string that is in front of the first underscore.

Here is the formula I used :